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A trademark protects your brand by letting others know about your product or service through words, phrases, slogans, symbols or a design. Using another's work without permission can cause a cease and desists or even more serious consequences. Click the arrow to learn more about our packages.


A copyright "protects the original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. It does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed.” Click the arrow to learn more about our packages.

Literary Law

 Having a literary lawyer is essential to any writer.  A lawyer can also walk you through the process of getting your book out to the public. In the simplest explanation: Get your contract reviewed, let your lawyer discuss the terms with you and make suggestions, negotiations with the publisher, and secure your intellectual property! Click the arrow to learn more about our packages.


Contracts are a huge part of having a successful business and solidifying your brand.  Do you have a contract that needs to be edited, drafted or reviewed before you sign on the dotted line? Do you need help negotiating? Click the arrow to learn more about our packages.


Trademark Packages
Starting at $3500

All trademark packages include:

  • A comprehensive search report and analysis

  • IP strategy session

  • Attorney correspondence with the USPTO during the application period

  • Periodic monitoring of application status

  • Non-substantive office actions (e.g., disclaimer, request for more information, a proposed revision description of the mark, etc.)

  • USPTO application fee for one application/one classification

  • MYLS mug and a framed certificate of registration


Substantive Office Action Response

Hybrid rate starting at $325/hr

Examples include: Likelihood of confusion, merely descriptive, etc.


Intent to Use Conversion Application

$550 plus applicable USPTO filing fee(s)


Trademark Monitoring*

You’ve got your mark properly registered with the USPTO. Now comes the work of protecting your mark against potential infringement. Our firm is pleased to provide trademark monitoring services. You will receive a weekly report informing you of any possible offending marks. 


$3500 annual



*$150 is added per additional watch report

**May be added as to the initial trademark service to monitor during the initial trademark application period for an additional $250. The monitoring service ends upon the successful registration of the application or abandonment/withdrawal of the trademark application.

Trademark Maintenance Renewal

$750 plus applicable USPTO filing fee(s)

Copyright Packages
Starting at $500

You have created a masterpiece, wrote the next bestselling novel, or even have popping new blog. One way to protect your original content is to file an application for copyright protection with the United States Copyright Office.

Our basic copyright services include:

  • A consultation to assess whether your work is copyrightable

  • Filing of one work or one compilation of works with the US Copyright Office (additional filing fees may apply)

  • Representation throughout the application process

  • Post-registration guidance on how to enforce & maintain your copyright

We also offer special pricing for bloggers, podcasters, and other content creators. Please schedule a consultation with our office for more information.

Contracts Packages
Starting at $75pp

Whether you are creating content for a contract to give the another party or looking for a lawyer to review a contract given to you, we can help! Contract language can be complex, weigh in favor for the other party or even leave you open to loopholes. We have worked with authors, dentists, doctors, business owners and more to ensure they are protected. It is best to take the time out to have your contract reviewed by a lawyer to parse out red flags, warnings and additional provisions that need to be updated or added. When drafting a contract, a lawyer will ensure that the correct provisions are included and that you have placed the proper protections for you!


Flat fee $375


Privacy Policy for Social media, eCommerce and Businesses

Starting at $750. This package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss privacy laws and how it pertains to your business

  • Draft the privacy policy

  • Follow up meeting for any questions and explanations

Cease and Desist

Starting at $750


Contract Review

Starting at $75. This package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss services

  • Review contract

  • Follow up meeting to discuss any suggestions, issues and next steps

  • Negotiation and additional provisions can be drafted as service add ons



Hourly/hybrid rate starting at $325/hr

  • Initial consultation to discuss services

  • Construct contract in accordance with relevant terms and conditions with up to three (3) revisions

  • Unlimited emails and communications

  • Follow up meeting to discuss the contract and answer questions

  • Contract negotiation and additional provisions can be drafted as service add ons

Literary Law Packages

Our literary law packages are a combination of our contracts, trademark and copyright services. While many attorneys can assist you in these areas, literary law is a specialized area. We are experienced literary lawyers that have dealt with many authors.


These services  are calculated the same as our contracts services:

Licensing Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Contract Drafting/Review/Negotiations

Independent Contractor Agreements

These services are calculated the same as our trademark and copyright services:

Trademark and Copyright Services

Lit Law
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