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Leaning On One Another: A Personal Perspective of Partnerships from Attorney Moore

During my few years in business I have learned that leaning on others for support and guidance can mean different things depending on your season, perspective and needs. I never though I would have entered into a partnership but now that I have, I see the true benefit is the power of having someone as a support system. One of the beauties of social media is the ability to connect with different people who share similar interests with you. I met my law partner through GroupMe. She literally slid into my DM’s after a conversation yielded similar backgrounds and interests!

“Oh, you went to FAMU too?”
“You're a mom too?” 
"Do you know him as well?"
"I'm in the D9 [Divine 9] too!"

The rest was history. It was pretty much the start of what has morphed into a beautiful sisterhood, friendship, and partnership. My partner is my everything as it concerns Moore Legal Solutions. I wonder sometimes how I thought I could do this on my own and be sustainable.

Moore Legal Solutions Graduation
The Day Our Lives Changed

I liken our relationship to one that I have with my husband. It’s a marriage that functions on transparency, disagreements, and the occasional oatmeal cream pie, our favorite snack. There are times we disagree and get all the way in our feelings. There are times that our personal lives suffocate us and we desperately need the other to step in for us. It’s where our personal life and professional life intersect that I have discovered that our partnership takes a unique turn unlike other partnerships.

"Work still has to be performed and money still needs to be made."

We are all aware of the fact that what happens at home, stays there. You’re not supposed to bring your personal affairs to work. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes your home issues ride shot gun to work with you and make it impossible to get anything done. This is where you in lean on your business partner. This is not to say that you get to wallow in despair and check out of work indefinitely. Work still has to be performed and money still needs to be made. But we are human and sometimes you need to hit the proverbial reset button. By having a partner that is not only sympathetic but is dependable and empathetic is vital. Recently, one of my daughters was ill and was admitted to the hospital. To say my head was not in the game is an understatement. However, in true fashion my partner stepped in and stepped up. She conducted interviews, followed up with clients on my behalf, and even brought dinner to the hospital.


If you’re thinking about going into business with someone here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for someone who shares similar values as you. There will be disagreements but you all should be able to listen to each others points, dissect the root of confusion  and meet halfway to agree on the fundamentals.

  2. Your business partner should be able to pick up where you leave off if you made sure to keep detailed records and notes about your daily work. If you are out ill, on travel, etc., then your business should still flow the same. Your clients or customers shouldn’t even miss your presence because your partner is able to fill in and execute the shared vision.

  3. Lastly, find someone who you can build a legacy and can depend on in times of need. As I said earlier, my partner is everything to my firm. She is also someone I can easily work with, create other business ventures, and even speak candidly about life. I trust her judgement and decision making skills. When I’m a nervous wreck she’s calm in the storm. And vice verse.


Leaning on one another has proven to be worth having a partnership. I encourage those of you who are looking to start a partnership to explore these ideas and tips. If you have any questions pertaining to our dynamic at Moore Legal Solutions and how we have grown to successfully work together, look out for our upcoming video next month! 📷

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